今日はフルハウスseason1-7”Knock Yourself Out”を観ていきます。





桟橋, カイ, ボードウォーク, 海, ウェブ, ドック, 着陸橋, アンカレッジ

Danny: (picking Michelle up out of her crib and putting her down again as he speaks) Wish Daddy luck honey, it's a big night. Daddy's gettinga tryout as a sportscaster.

tryout: 入団試験、試験興行

On cable TV. Nationwide. I see how impresed you are.


impress:  to make someone feel admiration and respect
Michelle: da da
Danny: Michelle, I'd love to give you a hug, but 20 million people will be watching me, and I'd just as soon them not see your cookies on my shoulder.
Michelle: Uh (to be interprted as up, I think)
Danny: Do you promise that everything inside of you is going to stay inside of you? (A little hack/gurgle as he reaches down)

hack; 咳


That's a preview, isn't it? Okay, baby dribble guard.

dribble; よだれを垂らす

(Puts towel over his shoulder, then picks her up and gives her a hug.) Come here...

(Jesse is in living room playing the guitar as Danny comes down)
Jesse: Oh cool, yes, all right, all right. May I help you?
Danny: Well Jesse, what do you think?
Jesse: (indicating towel) You plan on burpin' one of the boxers?

burping; げっぷ
Danny: (as he takes off the towl) A good sportscaster is ready for anything.
Jesse: That's very nice. All right, listen, I picked the perfect tune for the lyrics here this is really cool. (Plays and sings) She left me for another, walked right out the door. I thought that she loved me. What good is my heart for?"
Danny: (getting into the tune) On top of Old Smokey, all covered with snow...
Jesse: (stopping, putting guitar down and standing) You realize there are only 7 notes. But, Beethoven was right when he said it don't come easy.
Danny: Beethoven said 'It don't come easy'?
Jesse: Well, he said it in German.

Joey: (coming in with boxing gloves on) All right, Danny, I'm ready. I want you...poom! I want you...poom, poom. Second round, you're goin' down!

you are going down: same with "you are going to loose"

(Gets looks, stops pretending he's a boxer) All right, I'll behave.
Jesse: You are such a baby. (Pulls a strand of his hair or something, hard to see)
Joey: Long haired hippy punk. (Walks up to Danny) I am so proud of you. Ever since you were sports editor of our high school newspaper, you've had that dream.
Danny: The one about Sharon Campbell?
Joey: Nah, not that dream. Every guy in high school had that dream. Nah, I mean your dream of making it as a sportscaster. Tonight you go from local to coast to coast. Knock 'em dead.
Danny: Thanks. And about your dream about bein' a comic? I promise one day, I won't be the only one who thinks you're funny.


(DJ and Stephanie run down the steps with gifts wrapped)
DJ: Wait Dad, don't go yet.
Stephanie: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa.
DJ: We got you some stuff for good luck. Guess what this is.
Stephanie: A tie!
DJ: Steph, you know!
Stephanie: Daddy, now you guess.
Danny: Oh, I give up.
Stephanie: It's a tie, remember?
Danny: (opens it) Oh, a tie! I'm so surprised. This is beautiful. I'm gonna wear it tonight.
Stephanie: I got you a surprise too, Daddy. (Hands it to him)
Danny: Oh, I love surprises. (Opens it, looks oddly at it): Oh, this is great. Thank you for the, um, this is great.
Joey: It's the...most beautiful one of those I've ever seen.
Stephanie: try it on, Daddy.
Danny: (trying to figure out how) Of course I'm gonna try it on. (Experiments in several places on his suit and even in his ear)
DJ: Isn't it a wonderful tie tack, Dad?

tie tack; ネクタイピン
Danny: (putting a hand on D.J.'s shoulder) God bless you. (To both) Steph, I love this. Thank you, girls. (He hugs them)
Girls: You're welcome.
Jesse: (back into the romo with guitar) All right, I finally got it, this baby is a hit now. Listen to this. (Plays) She left me for another, walked right out the door. I thought that she loved me. What good is my heart for?
Others: (getting into tune, too) This land is your land, this land is my land, from California, to the New York islands...
Jesse: Everybody sing along...
Others: From the redwood forests, to the gulf stream waters...

(fade into next scene)
Jesse: All right let's go girls, let's get some snacks. (Looks upstairs)
DJ: Dad's almsot on; we're gonna watch him in our room.

Jesse: All right. (Grabs something from fridge, starts upstairs)
Stephanie: Dont' forget the ice cream.
Jesse: Okay. (Grabs it, heads upstairs again)
Stephanie: And a bowl and a spoon.
Jesse grabs it, heads upstairs again
Stephanie: And licorice.
Jesse grabs it, heads upstairs again
Stephanie: Red licorice.
Jesse grabs it, heads upstairs again
Stephanie: Okay, got some fruit.
Jesse grabs it, heads upstairs again
Stephanie: And milk.
Jesse: Okay, got it. (Grabs it, heads upstairs again)
Stephanie: Don't forget to shut the door.
Jesse shuts the door, heads upstairs again
Jesse: OK, got the licorice, the milk, shut the door...
Stephanie: And we need peanut butter and jelly and bread and carrots.
Jesse collapses against wall and sighs)
Jesse: (coming upstairs with hands extra full, cups on his head) All right, girls, this oughta get us throught he first 2 rounds...

oughta: ought to = should
DJ: We changed our minds, we're gonna watch the fight downstairs.

Jesse: Freeze, ankle biters; this is as far as your Uncle Lunch Wagon goes.

ankle biters; 小さな子ども
DJ: Oooh, it's Uncle Bad Attitude.
Stephanie: I guess this is a bad time to mention that you forgot the carrots.

Jesse: Yes, it's a bad time. Help me out here. Come on. (They unload his arms) You grab the ice cream...
Joey: Jess, quick, I need you in the nursery.

in the nursery; 子供部屋
Jesse: okay.
Joey: here, let me give you a hand with this. (Reaches for a cup, instead of taking them off his head takes only 1 and walks back into nursery, leaves Jesse standing with cups on head.)
Jesse: What is happening to my life?
Joey: Michelle, please don't be sick.
Jesse: All right, Joseph, what's the problem here>
Joey: I heard Michelle cough.
Jesse: Hey, kid, you okay? (Picks her up, lokos at her) It's cool
Stephanie: It's time. Daddy's gonna be on right after the underarm commercial.
Joey: jess, I don't like the sound of that cough, we shoudl bring Michelle with us.
Jesse: Joey, you gotta realize babies cough, babies dribble, babies barf.

barf; vomit

Think of 'em as little tiny teenagers. (Picks her up): Come on, Michelle, come on. You okay? (Kisses her) Atta girl.

Atta girl: "That is a girl " it's the same as saying "good girl!" "you go girl!" "that's good!"
















今日はフルハウスseason1-6話”Daddy's Home” 邦題『今日はパパの日』の続きを観ていきます。





葉, ライン アート, ビンテージ, 詳細, 植物学, 植物の, 園芸, 植物, 装飾的な, 装飾, 装飾用の

Later that night, Jesse and Joey drive into the garage on Jesse's motorcycle.
Jesse: How'd you like that ride?
Joey: Jesse, it was a revelation!

revelation: an event, experience etc that is considered to be a message from God(啓示)

I saw God! In fact, I think you we lapped him.
Jesse: Alright man, you've got the look, you've got the feel, now all you've got to do is get on a bike and ride to adventure.

Joey: Yeah baby, I'm hell bound! (jumps on Jesse's motorcycle)
Jesse: Whoa! Whoa! You ain't hell bound on my bike! Nobody rides my bike but me. If you need a bike, (takes him to one of the girls bicycles) take your pick. Oh, and if you miss that vimmmmm sound, put some cards in the spokes.


Joey: Do you know what you are? You're a bike tease. (Jesse gets on his motorcycle)


You get a guy all fired up, and then you say 'uh uh! No'! Well, I want danger, I want adventure, I want to ride your pig!

fired up: ハイテンションになってる、気合が入っている

Jesse: (walks to Joey) That's hog.

hog: someone is using sth without sharing.If someone hogs all the food, that means they are not sharing the food with anyone else around them.

Alright Joey, once around the block. Go ahead (Joey gets on the motorcycle). Now listen, you be very very careful. Do you hear me? (Joey starts the motorcycle). I can't watch this (leaves).


The next day, Danny is in Stephanie and DJ's room at the base of Stephanie's bed with a video camera.
Stephanie: (sleepy) Daddy, why are you making feet movies?
Danny: Because I love you, and I love your little feet.
DJ: (sleepy) What's going on?
Stephanie: Daddy loves me, and he loves my little feet.
Danny: I want to preserve every minute of your lives.

preserve: to keep sth as it is, especially in order to prevent it from decaying or being damaged or destroyed.

DJ: I'm going to go and brush my teeth. Do you want to reload?
Danny: Wait a minute DJ. Girls, I have a surprise for you. I am not going to work today. Today is father daughter day part two.

DJ +Stephanie: YAY!
DJ: Wait a minute dad. How can you do this, Sunday's your busiest day?
Danny: I worked it out.


I'm working New Year's Eave, but I worked it out. This is your day, we can do what ever you want to do. What do you want to do?
DJ: Can we take a cruise around the bay?
Danny: It's your day.
Stephanie: Then can we go horseback riding.
Danny: It's your day.
DJ: Then can we buy a big screen TV, a CD player, and a couple of mopeds?

mopeds: モーター付き自転車
Danny: Why don't I just get you your own MasterCard?

DJ: Oooooh it is my day.


Switch to downstairs, the phone rings, Jesse answers.
Jesse: Hello! Joey! You've been gone since yesterday! Get your butt back here right now ...

get one's butt back; (ふらふらしてないで)戻る

'Chill out babe'? ...

chill out; chill outは遊びに行くという意味ですが、「落ち着け」や「リラックスする」という意味もあります

Listen you little leather-clad weasel!

weasel: イタチという意味ですが、「こそこそした男」「ずるい人」という意味もあります

I created you, I can destroy you! Hello! (puts down the phone) I never taught him 'chill out'!


Later that night, Joey enters the garage on Jesse's motorcycle
Joey: Safe!
Jesse: (behind a card board Santa Claus on a candy cane) Ho ho ho! (steps out in front) It's your last Christmas! Tell Santa what kind of tombstone you want!
tombstone: 墓石
Joey: Jesse!
Jesse: I said 'once around the block'! 'Once around the block'! Where were you?
Joey: Jesse, I can explain everything...
Jesse: Once! Do you know what 'once' means? Do you know what 'once' means? Danny enters with the girls.
Joey: Hi girls.
Jesse: Oh yeah, like that old trick is supposed to work!
old trick: 常套手段
DJ: Hi Uncle Jesse.
Stephanie: Hi Joey.
Jesse: (surprised) Hi girls! I was just... welcoming home Joseph.
Danny: Girls, let's give the boys a moment to get reacquainted.
reacquainted: familiar with sth or someone again
DJ +Stephanie: (walk passed Jesse and Joey) Ooooooooh!
Danny: (with Michelle, walks passed Jesse and Joey) Ooooooooooh!
Jesse: Alright, speak geek. And you'd better have one hell of a story.
Joey: Jesse, as soon as I left the driveway, your spirit entered my body. I knew that it was your spirit because my hair expanded.
Jesse: Alright, alright, quit sucking up and tell the story.
suck up: ごまをする、おべっかを使う
Joey: Then she appeared. 5' 11", dressed from head to toe in red leather
Jesse: And what did my spirit tell you to do?
Joey: I threw the babe on the back of the bike, popped a wheelie, and said 'have mercy'!


pop a wheelie

Jesse: Now, that's my spirit. That's my spirit.
Joey: Then we cruised into Vegas, checked into Caesar's, hit the craps tables. An hour and a half later, I'm up $14,000.
Jesse: $14,000! That's a lot of money, and you've got a pretty girl. Did you... you know?
Joey: Yep, got married. Then it got interesting.
Jesse: Oh.
Joey: We hopped on a jet for the Big Apple
Jesse: Uh huh.
Joey: Helicoptered into Manhattan.
Jesse: Alright.
Joey: Where we quickly produced a revival of the Broadway smash 'Porgies and Bass'. You don't believe a word of this do you?
Jesse: Not a syllable.
syllable: 一言
Joey: Well, let's give the truth a whirl.
whirl: ぐるぐる回る
Jesse: Okay.
Joey: I met a girl who lives just down the street. She wasn't dressed in red leather, she had a nice wallet. So we went to her place, where I did win $14,000 (Jesse steps forward) in Monopoly money (Jesse backs away). Then I fell asleep on her couch. You believe that don't you?
Jesse: (walks to the motorcycle) I have to, you only put a mile and a half on the bike.
Joey: Jesse, I'm sorry I was gone so long. I hope I didn't let you down.
Jesse: No, you didn't let me down. Maybe you didn't have a wild and crazy adventure, but you had a cute little adventure-ette.
Joey: You know what I found out. No matter what I am wearing, or what I am riding on, I'm still going to be Joey. And you know what, that's okay.
Jesse: Damn right it's okay. Alright, Big Joe Stud.
stud: a man who has a lot of sexual partners and who is very proud of his sexual ability

Joey: Yeah, I guess I am pretty studly. Okay, out of my way dude. I'm going up stairs to take a bubble bath.


That night Danny, DJ, and Stephanie are in DJ and Stephanie's room, DJ and Stephanie are in bed.
Danny: Great day, huh DJ?
DJ: Yeah, major fun. It was one of the best days of my life.
Danny: You don't sound all that happy.


DJ: I'm happy, honest (smiles). See, these are happy teeth!
Danny: I've known that face since it was the size of a tennis ball. That is not a DJ happy face.
DJ: Dad, for the last time I'm happy. Happy, happy, happy okay (gets out of bed, opens the closet).
Danny: Okay. (walks to Stephanie's bed) Stephanie honey, I'll bet you want to get yourself a glass of water.
Stephanie: I'm not dumb. You want me to leave, something's wrong.
Danny: Sweetie, I promise if something's wrong, we'll make it all better.
Stephanie: Alright (gets out of bed), but if you need me, I'll be in the bathroom drinking water and waiting (leaves).
Danny: (walks to DJ) DJ, what's going on here? You don't have to put on a happy act for me.
DJ: It wasn't for you, it was for Stephanie.
Danny: Well, Stephanie's not here honey. What's going on?
DJ: It's just hard being brave for my little sister all the time. Like when you couldn't take me shopping, I felt terrible. But I couldn't show it, because if I did, Stephanie would cry about you missing her recital.
Danny: DJ, you are a terrific big sister, (sits on DJ's bed, sets DJ on his lap) but no one has to put on an act in this house. Now, what's bothering you?
DJ: I don't know, today was so much fun. You took us horseback riding to the circus, to Marine World. But I kept getting sadder and sadder.
Danny: What part depressed you the most, the circus clowns or shammu? (DJ gets in bed) Honey, maybe you were sad for the same reason I was.
DJ: You were sad too.
Danny: A little bit, because the more fun we had, the more I hated to see it end.
DJ: I wish we could have days like this all the time, I really love being with you.
Danny: I love being with you to, but there's no easy answer here.
DJ: I know you have to work.
Danny: I wish I could be in two places at once, but I can't.
DJ: You know, I feel better.
Danny: You do?
DJ: Yeah, we didn't solve anything, but just talking about it helps.
Danny: It helps me too, and DJ I promise, I am going to find more time to spend with you girls.
DJ: And any time you want to see me, you can always pull me out of school. Especially if you want to see me during math class.
Danny: Now that's a DJ happy face. Come here you little tennis ball head (they hug).

Danny goes to Michelle's room.
Danny: Hi honey, you may not remember today, but it was one of the best days of my life. (kisses Michelle) I love you Michelle. Good night sweetheart. (closes the door)
Michelle: Dada.
Danny: (reenters) Yeah!

***End ***












今日は6話”Daddy’s Home”を観ていきます。




岩, 空, 雲, 風景, 山, 屋外, 気分, 風光明媚な


DJ and Joey are in the living room, DJ wearing a blue dress, Joey wearing a Hawaiian shirt and multi colored tie, Stephanie is in a ballerina tutu and head phones, dances into the living room from the kitchen
Stephanie: One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four.
Joey: Stephanie, you've been rehearsing for three days straight.

You're this close to ballerina burn out.


DJ + Joey: Stephanie (continues dancing).
Joey: Stephanie (continues dancing).
DJ +Joey: (remove Stephanie's head phones) Stephanie!
Stephanie: I am not Stephanie.

I'm a swan who's about to kick the bucket (dances past Joey and collapses).

about to:今まさに~しようとしている

kick the bucket: 死ぬ(首を吊るときに台にしたバケツを蹴飛ばすから)

Joey: Oh God, there's a dead swan in the living room!
Stephanie: (rises) Joey, I'm alive. I was just acting.
Joey: No! Get out of town! Unbelievable!

A car pulls up to the house.
Stephanie: Uh oh, that's daddy!

I don't want him to see me in my tutu until show time!

YIKES (runs through the kitchen)!

Danny enters the house.
Danny: Sorry I'm late.

I was editing my feature on Great Moments In Bowling, and I got held up when I couldn't find a second moment.

feature: (in newspapers, on TV, etc) a special article or program about sth/sb(特集)

get hold up: 時間を取られる

DJ: So dad, after Stephanie's recital, we hit the big sale at the Fashion Mart. Everything is half off.
Danny: Of course that doesn't save me any money, because you'll just buy twice as much stuff right?
DJ: I like your attitude.
Jesse comes down the stairs in a tuxedo.
Jesse: It's Saturday afternoon, I'm all dressed up, and where am I going?

A munchkin ballet.
DJ: Uncle Jesse, hot outfit! Help Joey.
Jesse takes a look at Joey's clothes.
Jesse: (laughs) Very sharp Joseph!

Where are you going after the ballet, Don Hoe's wedding?

Don Hoe: アメリカのポップミュージシャン

The doorbell rings, Danny answers, a blonde girl in a brown dress enters
Adrianna: (Italian accent) Chao.
Danny: Jesse, it's for you.
Joey: How do you know she's not here to see me?
Adrianna: Jesse!
Jesse: Adrianna, have mercy! (they kiss) How are you?
Danny: (to Joey) If she's here to see you, she's very nice to your friends.
Jesse: Let me introduce you to my roommates.

This is Danny Tanner, and this is King Camaha-maha.

You'll never guess how I met this one.
Danny: A PTA meeting?
Jesse: Close, skydiving.
Adrianna: He missed the target, and dropped right into my Alpha Romeo.
Jesse: (Italian accent) 'Dropped right into my Alpha...' I love that.

Anyway, she asked me to come back to her place, and it turned out her place was in Rome.

Who would have known? Come on, I'll make you some Spaghetti-Os

(they enter the kitchen).
Michelle squeaks, Danny picks her up
Danny: Michelle! Hi Michelle.

Hi! Say dada, say dada, say da, say... say wasahalabdabadah.

She's so close I can feel it. Say dada, come on.
Joey: (munchkin voice) Dada, okay! Now get off my back!

get off my back; ほっといてくれ、邪魔するな、私を悩まさないで

The phone rings, Danny answers, DJ and Stephanie reenter the room, Stephanie is in a pink overcoat.
Danny: Hello ... Really! The station wants me to cover the Game Of the Week! That's Great! ... (notices DJ and Stephanie) No, that's not great.

Look, my little girl is having her first ballet recital.

Any chance Stanford and UCLA could delay the kick off you know, like, 3 or 4 hours? ... Hey, I took a shot.


take a shot: ~を試してみる

take a shot at; ~を狙い撃ちする


Alright yeah, I'll be there.
Stephanie: You're going to miss my recital?
Danny: I'm really sorry honey. I feel terrible
DJ: It's okay, me and Stephanie understand that you have to work.

But it's great having a dad on TV, right Stephanie?
Stephanie: Yeah that part's fun.
Danny: I guess this means we're going to miss the big sale too.
DJ: That's okay, we can go some other time, and pay full price.

Down in the basement Jesse and Adrianna are kissing, Joey enters
Jesse: Can I help you? (continues kissing)
Joey: I need to talk to you
Jesse: Go ahead, talk (continues kissing).
Joey: So here's what I'm thinking. I think I need to make some changes in my life.
Jesse: Bran, eat more bran (continues kissing).

bran; ふすま

Joey: What I mean by change is; more danger, more excitement, more... Adrianna!
Jesse: I'll be right back.
Adrianna: I'll be right here.
Jesse: (motions to Joey) Come here! Come here! Come here! What do you want?
Joey: I want your life! Were you always like this?
Jesse: No, I wasn't always like this. I was like you, then I turned four. I remember man, my dad bought me my first bike.

I sailed out of the driveway, I ripped off the training wheels, packed a bag, and took off to adventure!

rip off: はぎとる、パクる、ぼったくる

packed a bag: 荷物をまとめる


If my dad hadn't snagged me, I'd have made it all the way to the Dairy Queen.

ここにはsnagged me(what someone says when they need someone to pick them up going to a destination )と書いてありますが、スナック(お菓子)のミスタイプな気もします・・・

dairy queen; アメリカのソフトクリーム店

Joey: See, I love that story. That's what I want, a life with out training wheels!
Jesse: You something kid, I like you, and I think I can give you that life. But you've got to understand, when you're talking about a life like mine, you're talking about living on the edge man, you're talking about taking risks, you're talking about... buying a new wardrobe. Are you, Joseph Gladstone ready to make that kind of commitment (grips Joey)?
Joey: (grips Jesse) I am ready to be committed.

Later in the living room Jesse and Adrianna are on the couch eating whip cream covered strawberries
Jesse: So that's how you do it in Rome?
Adrianna: Right. Uh huh, and now I get one.
Danny enters
Danny: Jesse! Jesse (Adrianna drops the spoon full of whip cream)!
Jesse: What could you possibly want?

couls possibly: いったい


Danny: How was Stephanie's ballet recital?
Jesse: She came out, she danced, she died.
Danny: Oh God, I wish I could have been there! Alright, I rushed home, there's still time to take the girls shopping.
Jesse: Don't worry about it. I took care of it. I had to take Joey shopping, so I took the girls to the sale and saved you a few bucks.
Danny: (shocked) Oh, that was nice of you.
Jesse: Hey girls! Come on downstairs and model your new clothes for your dad! Let's go!
Adrianna: Jesse, why don't I just wait for you back at the hotel and I'll try on this cute little outfit you bought me? (waves a very small bag in front of Jesse) Bye (leaves).

Jesse: Have Mercy. (DJ is on the steps, motions to Jesse) Oh, you're going to love this (starts playing the organ). And now, the lovely Donna Joe (in a brown jacket, red sweater, red hat, and brown pants). Donna Joe is sporting that lovely fall look. She's got a tomato red hat for that tomato head look. (spins around, removes the jacket) And hey, look at those shoulders, too much baby. Thank you Donna Joe. And now Stephanie (in a multi colored dress, comes downstairs). The young Stephanie, just back from a show in Milan steps out in style in her multi colored print (spins once). And now, for the latest in the always exciting world of toddler fashion, the lovely, scintillating Michelle.

scintillating; interestingclever, and amusing


(Michelle runs across the floor) Michelle is sporting a look that says 'hey babe, it's the late 80s, and I'm loving every minute of it.' (DJ picks her up) Come here you little weasel (Jesse takes Michelle).

weasel: いたち

Danny: Looks like I missed out on a really special day. My little girls, they're growing up so fast.

Jesse: (spits three times, and bangs on the organ keys) And now, taking a huge fashion risk, the ultimate macho macho man Big Joe Stud! (Joey enters wearing leather pants, leather jacket and red shirt).
Danny: Joey!
Joey: Shut up punk.
Danny: Joey, you know you actually make Michael Jackson look tough.
Jesse: Michelle, you're going to be such a fox when you get older.

fox: foxはみなさんおなじみキツネという意味がありますが、スラングですごい美人という意味もあります。

Michelle: Dada.
Danny: Jesse, my little girl just called you dada.
Jesse: Oh no, she didn't call me dada. She... she called me doe doe. (turns Michelle to Danny) Here's your dad. Lay a 'dad' on him, come on.
Danny: Hi. Remember me. Remember I'm your biological dada.
Jesse: Now the guy's really asking for a 'dada'. Can't you give him a 'dada'? Come on, I'm your Uncle Jesse.
Michelle: Dada.
Jesse: I'm not your dad.
Joey: Here, give me the babe. (Joey takes Michelle)
Michelle: Dada.
Danny: (takes Michelle) Here. Hi, it's me, dada. Dada, dada, dada, dada. (Michelle does nothing). My sweet little baby, my own flesh and blood, thinks that you two are her father! Oh my God! My little baby doesn't have the foggiest idea who I am!

I don't have the foggiest idea.: 全くわからない

Joey: How many of us really know who we are?


Danny: This is all my fault! I'm working too many hours, I've got to spend more time with my children! DJ and Stephanie come downstairs, Stephanie in a blue shirt, DJ in a pink dress.
Stephanie: Uncle Jesse bought us these to go clubbing.
DJ: Can we keep them dad?
Danny: Dad! (hands Michelle to Joey) She called me dad! (hugs DJ)Girls, I'm taking all three of you out for father daughter day!
Stephanie: Alright daddy!
Danny: She called me 'daddy' too! (hugs Stephanie) 


















今日は昨日の続き、season-1の5話(sea cruise)です。



マウスを用いたビスケット, 振りかける, ラスク, ベビーシャワー, 赤ちゃん, 誕生, 少年, ブルー

Later on the boat.
Jesse: Look at that, a full moon.
Roxanne: There was a full moon the last night we were together. Remember Big Sur.
Jesse: I remember we rented the cabin and went crazy in every little room.
Roxanne: Yeah. Then we went down to the beach and we got even crazier.
Jesse: Remember the seals were clapping for us.

seal: アシカ

That's ancient history, right?
Roxanne: Yeah, it's all in the past.
Jesse: Just a shooting star that burns itself out.


Roxanne: Nothing but memories (they kiss).

nothing but: ~にすぎない

Jesse: Yeah, the magic's gone. (they kiss again)
Joey and Danny walk up behind them.
Joey + Danny: (singing) Love, exciting and new.

Come aboard, we're expecting you.
Jesse: You guys just butchered a classic.

butchere: someone who has killed someone else cruelly and unnecessarily, especially someone who has killed a lot of people

Caroline: (to Danny) Well, we're in a great spot here.
Danny: Oh yeah, I'm psyched.

psych: 待ちきれない

I've got my lucky pole, my lucky hat, my lucky underwear with the little sharks on it. But I digress.

digress: to talk or write about something that is not your main subject

Caroline: You're kind of funny.
Danny: No.
Caroline: Yeah.
Danny: No.
Caroline: Yeah.
Danny: Okay yeah.

Alright Joey, it's time for a fishing lesson from the master.
Joey: Alright Danny, show me how it's done.
Danny: The art of casting.

casting: 投げること

Flip back your winder, keep your thumb on the line, cast forward with a firm flowing motion, release your thumb, and let 'er go (casts into the water).

Joey: I've got it. Flip back your winder, keep your thumb on the line, cast forward with a firm flowing motion, release your thumb and let 'er go

(attempts to cast, but looses his fishing pole as it goes overboard).

桟橋, 気分, 湖, 水, 雰囲気, 空, 自然, 風景

Later on that night
Jesse: (reels in a fish) Whoa, we got another one. That makes four.
Danny: I can't believe I haven't caught a thing.
Yvonne: (reels in a fish) This makes five for us
Vega: Alright!
Danny: How can this be, look what they're wearing?

(pulls his hook out of the water)

Oh great, my bate is yawning.

Wake up! Wake up!
Jesse: This is so boring, reeling in fish after fish after fish (waves another fish in front of Danny).
Danny: Will you shut up?
Roxanne: (to Jesse) You know, I wish we could see each other more often.
Jesse: I know. The only time I see you now is on MTV.
Roxanne: I owe a lot of my success to you.

owe:  to feel that you should do something for someone or give someone something, because they have done something for you or given something to you

Jesse: No Roxanna, you made it because you are good. Remember the first song that you sang with my band.
Roxanne: Oh yeah.
Jesse: And the dance?
Roxanne: How could I forget?
Jesse: Do it.
Roxanne: (singing) He rocks in the treetop all day long, hoppin' and boppin' and singin' his song.
Jesse + Roxanne: All the little birds on Jay Bird Street, love to hear the robin goin' tweet tweet tweet
Roxanne: Rockin' Robin
Yvonne + Vega: Tweet, tweet, tweet.
Jesse: Look at this!
Roxanne: Rockin' Robin
Jesse: Fellas?
Joey + Danny: Tweet, twittley-deet
Jesse + Roxanne: Blow rockin' robin, cause we're really gonna rock tonight!
Jesse: This is good! Alright, let's do some choreography!

choreography: the art of arranging how dancers should move during a performance

The girls side step in front of the men.
Women: Every little swallow, every chickadee,
Danny: Every little bird in the tall oak tree (the men throw one of their shoes overboard).
Roxanne: (the girls move back to the right of the men) The wise old owl
Jesse + Roxanne: The big black crow, flappin' their wings singin'
Danny + Joey: 'Go bird, go'
Roxanne: Rockin' robin
Women: Tweet, tweet, tweet.
Men: Rockin' robin. Tweet, twittly-deet
Women: Blow rockin' robin, 'cause we're really gonna rock tonight.
Men: Tweet
All: Twittly-deet.
Jesse: Yeah!
Danny: Oh man! Wow, that was almost fun (returns to his fishing pole, feels something pulling on his hook). Whoa! Whoa! Wo...WHOA! (Danny goes overboard).
Joey: (removes his hat) I'm coming beanie boy! (Jumps in the water, Jesse hesitates)
Jesse: Hold on (removes his leather vest, jumps in the water).


The next day, everyone from the night before is at the Tanner house having breakfast.
Joey: Anybody else want some of my halibut? (to Danny) My albacore? My swordfish? ...

halibut: オヒョウ

albacore: ビンナガ

swordfish: メカジキ

Danny: Shut up!
Jesse: You're just cranky because you got pulled overboard by a Mischalin Radial.

cranky: 不機嫌


Mischalin Radial.

Danny: Hey, that tire had an incredible will to live.
Yvonne: Hey Roxanna, we'll meet you back at the hotel

Vega: Yeah, thanks for breakfast guys (Joey, Jesse, Vega, Ivon, and Roxanna exit to the living room)..
Yvonne: (to Joey) Oh, and thanks for the Pepto Bismol.

pepto bismol: 胃薬

Joey: I know my antacids.

antacid: (胃の)制酸薬

Vega: You know Joey, being with you actually bordered on fun.

borderd on: (物事が)~に近い

たとえばbordered on stalkingでストーキングに近い、border on the illegalで(行為などが)違法すれすれだ 

Joey: Yeah, I hear that a lot.
Jesse: Seems like we're always saying good bye huh?
Roxanne: I hate it. Jesse, come on the road with me.
Jesse: And join the band?
Roxanne: Well no, we're an all girl group, and you are definitely not a girl.
Jesse: Then why would I go on the road with you?
Roxanne: Just to be with me.
Jesse: And do what, carry your bags for you? Tune your guitar?

Is that what you want?
Roxanne: No. Jesse, it's not like that at all...
Jesse: What? Do you think that I've got nothing better to do then follow you around like... like a little puppy dog or something?
Roxanne: No.

Joey enters the kitchen to see Danny and Caroline at the counter.
Caroline: You know, I really had a great time.
Danny: So did I.
Caroline: How about I make you dinner?
Danny: (nervous) Dinner?
Caroline: You know, the food you eat when it gets dark.
Danny: No dinner.
Caroline: How about lunch?
Danny: No. No lunch, no food.
Caroline: Liquid protein?
Danny: Look Caroline, I'm really sorry, but I think this whole thing was just kind of a big mistake.

You... you really shouldn't be here right now, because you really should be somewhere else.

Let me walk you to the door, okay.

Back to the living room.
Roxanne: Jesse, you're overreacting!
Jesse: No, I'm not! I'm not overreacting!

Come on, let's go! This is not going to work out!

work out: いい結果


Roxanne: Jesse, please! I...
Jesse: Go, be a big star, get in your limousine! It's alright!
Joey: Everybody Freeze!

I need to see Jesse and Danny in the kitchen right now!
Jesse: Joey, I'm in the middle of something!

Joey: Humor me.

humor me: almost same with "Do me a favor"

Girls, look, please don't leave. Caroline you like fish, Roxanna you like music, talk about Muddy Waters.

The men enter the kitchen.
Jesse: Joey, what is your problem?
Joey: You guys are crazy! (to Danny)

You had a nice time with Caroline. (to Jesse) You had a nice time with Roxanna. What's the story here?


Danny: Caroline and I are none of your business.
Jesse: Right, neither are Roxanna and I. Thanks Joey (starts to leave).
Joey: Jesse, your attitude wouldn't have anything to do with her success, would it?Jesse: No... I don't know... Alright, I do know. I mean, I put her band together, me! I put the band together, she's a big star! I put my band together, we're playing dives! I promised myself that by the time I was 24 I'm going to have a record deal! I'm 24 1/2, when is it going to be my turn?
Joey: Hey, I know how that feels. It's like when I see Alf, I go nuts.

I'm doing my stand up in little nightclubs, and a carpet sample has a series.

But you know, if we hang in there, we're going to make it.

hang in there: そこにいる、相手が負けそうなときや辛いときに頑張れという意味合いで使われます。たとえばI know you can do this. Just hung in there.(君ならできるよ、がんばれ)といった具合です。


Danny, why are you so upset with Caroline?
Danny: Because she wanted to make me dinner.
Joey: The real problem is you like her.
Danny: Okay, I do like her, and it scares me.

Ever since Pam... everything is just so hard, so confusing.
Joey: I know how tough this has been on you.

But that's how life is, it's a struggle.

But what helps you get you through the tough times are the people by your side.

So when people like Roxanna and Caroline come along, why push them away because you're frustrated with your career and because you're not ready to date yet?

You're throwing away what could be great friendships.
Jesse: Is this the same guy who spends hours perfecting under arm noises?


Where's this coming from?
Joey: From my heart. I did have some help with the words.

It's what Scooby Doo told Scrappy Doo last Saturday morning.
Danny: Thanks Joey (they hug).
Jesse: Come here, you big goof (they hug).
Danny: Alright, we got in some male bonding after all.

Would you guys excuse me for a moment? (in the living room)

Caroline can I talk to you please? (back to the kitchen)
Caroline: Hi.
Danny: Hi. Look, I'm really sorry I flipped out.

flipped out: go crazy, go mad

It's just that... Well, you know about my wife, and I'm just not ready for this yet.

I really do like you.

Do you think maybe you and I could... like... just be friends?
Caroline: I think that would be great (they hug).

Back in the living room.
Jesse: Roxanna, I guess what I'm trying to say is, maybe I was acting a little bit... What's the word I'm looking... insanely jealous.

insane: completely stupid or crazy, often in a way that is dangerous

Roxanne: Jesse, your time's going to come. You're to good.
Jesse: You know I can't go with you.
Roxanne: I know. I just want us to be together.
Jesse: Well, maybe someday we will be.

But in the mean time, you've got to realize, a guy like me.

I've got to be free wheeling, I've got to be riding on the wind, I've got to be living on the edge...

DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle reenter the house.
DJ: Hi, Uncle Jesse.
Stephanie: Can you help me off with my stinger?

stinger: the sharp needle-shaped part of an insect’s or animal’s body, with which it stings you
Jesse: Sure kid... Well, I'm living on the edge of cuteness.

***End ***














今日はフルハウスseaason1-5話、sea cruiseを観ていきます。








スズメ, 鳥, 数字, ブロンズ, Grabschmuck, 廃棄 Tombstone, 愛, ハーモニー

Jesse is playing the guitar in the living room, trying to work out song lyrics.
Jesse: She's driving a... She's driving... She's driving, okay... She's driving a... She's drive... Drive... Dri... No she's... She's driving... Driving... She's dri... Maybe she's walking.
Joey enters from the kitchen.
Joey: Jesse, You've got to see this.
Jesse: Not now, I'm working on this tune about this outrageous Italian goddess who drives a Lamborghini.

outrageous: very shoking and unacceptable


What rhymes with Lamborghini?


Joey: How about Cecil and beanie?

cecil and beanie:アメリカのアニメ

Jesse: How about, you're a weenie?

weenie: a person who is not strong, brave or confident,弱虫

Danny enters from the kitchen with his video camera.
Danny: Jesse, check out this serious toddling! (Michelle enters walking from the kitchen)

toddling; よちよち歩き


Tracking shot! Tracking shot! Come on, Michelle!



tracking shot

Jesse: Danny, the kid has been walking for three days and you haven't stopped taping her.

I'll feel sorry for her when she starts potty training.

potty training: トイレトレーニン


(Michelle heads for the kitchen, Joey picks her up)
Danny: Do you realize what this means?

My sweet little Michelle, she's now an object grabbing, heat seeking instrument of destruction.


Joey: (with Michelle, munchkin voice)

Hear this humans, I am robo-baby!

DJ and Stephanie enter from upstairs, wearing their Honeybee uniforms.
DJ: Is grandma here?
Danny: Not yet. Oh look how cute you two look!
Jesse: Cute. Just what we need, more cute.
Stephanie: Grandma better get here soon.

We're very bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy with honeybee bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzness.
Danny: Joey, keep taping.

Girls get up on the steps.

I want to ask you some things.

(the girls head for the front steps).

So DJ, how does it feel to be retiring as queen bee?
DJ: Great, I am way to old for this outfit.

It's time to pass my antenna on to the bees of the future

(places the antenna hat on Stephanie).
Stephanie: I beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so happy.
Danny: Girls, do the secret honeybee hello.
DJ: Okay, but I cannot allow this on tape

(Joey shuts off the video camera).

(tap dance around each other and rub elbows)

Bizzzzzzzip, (tap dance back and rub elbows again)

bizzzzzzzzzzzzip, (meet in the middle and bump hips)

bizzzzzzzzah! A car honks.
Stephanie: That's grandma. We've got to buzzzzzzzzz off.

buzz off: 立ち去る・消え失せる

Danny: Okay, come here Michelle (kisses Michelle as he picks her up).

Here's the baby's bag (hands a blue bag to Stephanie), and oh yeah, here's the baby (hands Michelle to DJ).

There you go.
DJ + Stephanie: Bye!
Stephanie: Bye! See you later boys! (DJ and Stephanie leave, Danny closes the door).

黒ぶどう, フルーツ, 健康, ジューシーです, ビタミン, 甘い, おいしい, 菜食主義者, 栄養

Danny: Guys, there's no children in the house.

Do you hear what I hear?
Jesse: I don't hear anything.
Danny: Exactly (walks behind them). It's silence.
Jesse: Oh!
Joey: Well... (Jesse and Danny cover Joey's mouth).
Danny: I can't believe this.

I have no parental responsibilities.

This is great. No, that's not true.

I really miss my kids. No, that's not true. This is great!
Jesse: Alright, let's party boys!

I have an idea. Let's get some girls.
Joey: Great. There's a Three Stooges festival down town.

stooges: a performer in a show whose role is to appear silly so that the other performers can make jokes about him or her.


You can meet some fun girls there, and the great part is they don't mind if you poke them in the eye.

poke: to quickly push your finger or another object into sb/sth


Danny: I don't know about this.
Jesse: No no no. I've got a better idea.

I get on my Harley, you guys follow behind me in the country squire, not to close. We'll cruise up to Tahoe, Heirs is having a Marilyn Monroe look alike night.
Danny: How do you know about this?
Jesse: How do you not know about this?
Danny: Guys, we've never had a boy's night out, just the three of us.

night out: 夜おでかけする


Let's go out together and just do some male bonding.

male bonding: 男の友情

Jesse: Male bonding? Joey, do you want to bond?
Joey: All I want is a woman who at just the right moment goes (Three Stooges voice) Woowoowoowoowoowoo Neeyah!
Danny: Guys time out, I can't do this.

It's only been 5 months since I lost Pam.

Hey, don't let me stand in your way.

I'll be fine, I'll just stay home alone, maybe change the part in my hair.

You guys, go out, have a great time.
Jesse + Joey: Never mind.
Joey: Okay, we're available for bonding.
Jesse: We'll do whatever you want. I promise.
Danny: Great. You are not even going to think about women when you see what I've got in store for you.

in store: 用意して



Later on that night in the living room, Danny and Joey are in fishing gear.
Danny: Let's go fishing! Neptune's Bride sails at midnight!
Joey: Great. I've been dying for a place to wear this outfit.
Jesse: (enters from up stairs) Alright, let's get this wonderful, fun filled, magical night of bonding over with.
Danny: Jesse, we're going fishing. You look ridiculous.
Jesse: (turns and looks at Joey's clothes) I look ridiculous.
Phone rings, Joey answers.
Joey: (drops his voice) Gilligan's living room.



(back to regular voice) No wait, don't hang up. Sorry, I'm not supposed to answer the phone. Yes, Jesse's here.

Who may I say who's calling?


Jesse: Give me the phone!
Joey: No! Get out of town!



The Roxanna, the rock star Roxanna!
Jesse: Come on!
Joey: (to Jesse) Jesse, how do you know Roxanna?
Jesse: Alright, we had this hot and heavy thing for awhile.

Actually it was kind of serious, we dated, then she became a big star and went on the road, so we drifted apart... Give me the phone!

go on the road:ツアーに出る。


Joey: (to the phone) Is this true? (to Jesse)

You're story checks out.

So Roxanna, heard your new album.
Jesse: Joseph, you leave me no choice.

leave someone no choice: [主語のせいで](人)には選択の余地を残さない


Joey: uh huh. Uh... (Jesse walks behind Joey with other end of the phone, and chokes him with the phone cord).

choke: to make sb unable to breath

Jesse: Say good-bye.
Joey: Good-bye.
Jesse: (to the phone) Hello. Oh sorry, that was Joey. He was raised by a family of really stupid wolves. How are you doing?... I'm doing great.

Yeah. ... My music? Oh, my music is going really well. Yeah
Joey: That's great! You told me you couldn't even find a job!
Jesse: (to Joey) Beat it wolf boy!

beat it: どっか行け、失せろ(チンピラ言葉)マイケル・ジャクソンの曲名にもなってますね。


(to the phone) You know, it... it would be nice to see you again.

... Tonight, yeah. Tonight would be good.
Danny: Jesse you promised. (Joey starts doing an impression of a fishing reel)
Jesse: But actually, I can't tonight.

... No, I'm going fishi... I'm going boat... I'm going yachting actually. Yeah, I'm going yachting on a boat.

Yeah. Well, we're having a big party, Neptune's Bride. Yeah. Champaign, caviar, what have you.

caviar: キャビア

what have you:その他(そんな感じのもの)


... Alright good, I'll call you in the morning. Bye (hangs up the phone)
Danny: Thanks Jesse. You're not going to regret this.

regret: to feel sorry about sth you have done or about sth you have not been able to do

Jesse: Oh, why would I want to hang out with a big, beautiful rock star, when I can spend an evening with Thurston Hall III (points to Joey) and Mr. Paul, the human fish stick (points to Danny)?




Later at the pier


Danny: Ahoy mates.



There she be, Neptune's Bride. The finest lady to sail the seven seas.
Joey: (pirate voice) Argh, I say we mount 'er.


Jesse: That's 'board 'er' squid head.

squid: イカ

Danny: Isn't this great. A night of men doing manly things (places his tackle box on the ground).

tackle box: 釣り道具箱


You know, there isn't a manlier man among men then the old salty dog who pilots this vessel. Old Captain Jack! Where you be?

salty: イライラする、不機嫌になる

dog: manとかdudeみたいに呼びかけにも使いますが、不細工な人という意味でも使われます。

vessel: 船舶



A dark haired woman in a pink shirt and jeans come around the corner.

Caroline: He be retired. I'm his granddaughter, Caroline. I'll be your captain this evening (she leaves).
Jesse: Oh yeah. Men don't come any manlier.
Danny: Okay, so except for Old Captain Caroline, it's boy's night out. Manly men doing masculine things.
Roxanna comes up behind them with a blonde girl in a gold dress and another in a white dress.
Roxanne: Jesse!
Jesse: Roxanna! Have Mercy! Come here! (they hug) What are you doing here?
Roxanne: I tracked you down.


track down: 追跡する、見つけ出す


I'm going on tour tomorrow and I just had to see you. These are my back up singers.
Yvonne: I'm Yvonne
Vega: I'm Vega.
Joey: I'm happy.
Roxanne: Jesse, this isn't a yacht.
Jesse: Oh yeah, you're telling me.



That's the last time I rent a yacht from a guy named Icepick.
Yvonne: So what? There's not a party?
Danny: We're here to fish! There's no party.
Joey: There is now!
Jesse: Yeah! (they begin to board the boat) Alright, that's Joey and Danny. Which one's Ivon, and which one's Vega?











フルハウス Season 1-4 その②








中心部, 愛, 催眠, 感情, ロマンス, ロマンチック, バレンタイン, カラフルです, プリズム


Joey comes running in.

Later, in the kitchen, the guys are passing boxes up from the basement.
Danny : Coming up.
Joey : Coming up
Jesse : It's up.
Danny: (
passing Michelle to Joey) Coming up.
Joey: Coming up.
Jesse: Don't we have one of these?

DJ: I'll take Michelle.
Stephanie: (dragging Mr. Pandy) I hate this thing!
Danny: Only five hours till my mum shows up.

Here's the plan. I'll do the kitchen. Joey, you do the living room.

Jesse you take the bedrooms. Now, who's going to do the toilets.
Joey + Jesse: Oh, girls!


In the living room, Michelle is riding on Bubba'sback.
Stephanie: Giddy up, Bubba. Giddy up. Come on.

Guddy up: はいどう、進め

The guys walk in.
Joey: Can I go next?
Danny: DJ, go put Annie Oakly in her bunkhouse.
DJ takes Michelle upstairs.
Danny: Jesse, find a corral for Trigger.

Jesse puts Bubba in Michelle's cot.
Danny: Joey, I'm all out of cowboy metaphors, so let's just put away the grub.



I was wrong, I had one left.


Joey: Danny, we've been shopping all morning, can't we have a little Yogi break?

Jesse : Yeah, sit down with your family. Relax. Watch the bear.
Jess: Yeah,sit down with your family. Relax. Watch the bear.

Danny: All right, All right, but we're just going to watch until Yogi gets a picnic basket. OK, he's got one.
Claire walks in.
Claire: Hi.
DJ + Stephanie: Grandma!
Danny: Oh, my god.
Claire walks up to Michelle's cot and looks inside.
Claire: Oh, my god, my granddaughter is a turtle!
Joey: (lifting up Bubba) Michelle needs your love now more than ever.
Jesse: Give me that! (to Claire) This turtle saved my life.

Bubba, Claire, Claire, Bubba.

I love this amphibian!
Stephanie: Isn't he cool?
DJ: Pat his head, Grandma, he really likes that.
Claire: Oh, he's a reptile!

reptile: 爬虫類

Jesse: Hey, back off.

back off: 離れて、とか物理的な意味でも使えるし、言いすぎなときにも使える。

He's been nothing but nice to you!


nothing but goodとかnothing but badとか、なにか大げさに強調するときに使う。

nothing but badだと悪さばかり働いてる。


Danny: Mum, what are you doing here so early?

Joey said you'll be here at 5:12.
Claire: Try 12:05.


ケンカがはじまるときに「あ?やんのかお前?」っていうシチュエーションのときに”Try me”って言ったりします。そのTry

Joey: Guess you had to find out sooner or later.

My name is Joey, and I'm a time dyslectic.


I would have told you earlier, but I'm justnot sure when earlier is.

(もっと早くに言おうと思ってたけど、もっと早く”when earlier is”っていうのがわからなかった)

Claire: Girls, will you just go upstairs and clean your room?
Stephanie: How did she know our room was a mess?
DJ: Grandma vision.
Danny: Mum, don't worry, we're on the verge of a major clean, aren't we boys?
Jesse: Well, we were but now what's the point?

I mean, no one cleans the house better than your mum, right Joseph?
Joey: Oh, you're awesome, Mrs. Tanner.
Jesse: So why don't we just get out of your way, and Claire, go nuts!

nuts: crazy

Joey: Absolutely.

We'll just catch a movie or something, and Mrs. Tanner, if you happen to finish up before we get back, I'd just like to leave you with these two words - lamb chops.
They leave.
Danny: Don't listen to them mum, you can cook anything you want.


Later, Jesse and Joey come back.
Joey: Honey, we're home.
Danny: Boys, we've got some trouble.
Jesse: I'll say we've got trouble.

Look at this place!

It's a pigsty!

I think you're mum's lost her touch.

lose one's touch: センスをなくす


Danny: She doesn't want to clean up our mess.

She wants us to do it.
Joey: She wants us to do it?
Jesse: What's the matter?

Can't you handle your mum?

You wimp!



You're a total mummy wimp!
Danny: Oh, and I suppose you handle your mum differently?
Jesse: I play my mum like a piano. Yeah.
Claire comes in from the kitchen.
Claire: Well, I'm glad you're back. Come on in!
Two women walk in.
Jesse: Your mum called our mums?
Irene: Hello Jesse.
Mindy: Hi, Joey.
Jesse + Joey: Hi mum.
Claire: Yes, I thought that Irene and Mindy would be very interested to see how you boys keep house.
Danny: (to Jesse) OK, Piano-man. Why don't you show the wimp how to tickle those ivories.

ivories: 象牙(hard yellowish-white substance like bones


Jesse(sternly) Ma?
Irene: (sternly) Jesse?
Jesse: can I make you some tea?
Danny: Oh, bravo, bravo.
Jesse: Guys!
Irene: No tea, thank you. Oh, tuck in your shirt!
Jesse: Ma!
Irene: Oh, Jesse, I remember when you were eight years old.
Jesse: Oh, Ma, please don't tell that story.
Danny: No, tell. Tell.

We love stories.
Irene: I'll never forget it.

My little Jesse tugged on my apron and said," Mummy, can I please help you iron?"

tugged on:つかむ、引っ張る

I said "sure finish the sleeves."

It must have been like when Babe Ruth picked up his first bat. To this day, he's the only one I'll trust with my shefan blouses.


Joey: To iron or wear?
Jesse: Hey, man! To iron!
Claire: All right, enough of this talking.

now you boys have a lot of work to do so where's the vacuum cleaner?
Joey: Vacuum clean? We'll handle this.

Mum, let's show them the hoover.
Mindy: Great.
Joey lies on some roller skates making hoover sounds while Mindy hold his legs.
Claire: Mindy?
Mindy: Of course.

Joey, there is a time to have fun and a time to be serious.
Claire: Listen, girls, I think one of us should be here at all time to se that things go properly, after all this is where our grandchildren live.

Irene: You are so right. I can be here Monday through Wednsday.
Mindy: Well, I'm free Thursday and Friday.
Claire: And I can fly in on the weekends, so it's all settled.
Danny: Boys, we are staring into the jaws of a never ending living hell.




Mums: What?
Danny (to the mums) no offence.
Joey: Mums, I don't blame you for treating us like children, because sometimes that's how we act.

I don't blame you.:仕方ないよ

Jesse: Yeah, listen, girls.

When we first moved in here we knew we had some responsibilities to do, but we haven't really fallen through yet, but from now on we're really going to buckle down.

buckle down:本腰を入れる

Danny: Mothers, I have a proposition for you.

proposition: an idea or a plan of action that is suggested


You all go shopping for a couple of hours, and if this place isn't clean by the time you get back, you can all move in and just rule our lives forever.

Mothers: Deal!


ティーポット, ・ クルーク, 食器, ケーキ屋, 装飾, セラミック, まだライフ, ケーキ, ティータイム

The guys are at the top of the starirs in front of the bathroom.
Danny: OK, there's the bathroom.
Jesse: Yep, there's the bathroom.
Joey: Same place it was last time we didn't clean it.
They all stare inside.
Danny: Here's a thought, why don't we see if the girls have finished cleaning their room.
Jesse: Loving it. Loving it.
They walk into the girls' room. The room is a mess.
Danny: What happened?
Joey: There's been a bedroom tornado.
Stephanie: We lost something.
Danny: Might that be your minds?
DJ: We lost (muffling the last word with her hand)mmmph.
Jesse: What exactly is mmmph?
Stephanie: Mmmph is what you say when you don't want to say "Bubba".
Jesse: You lost Bubba?!
Joey: He loves that amphibian.
DJ: We're really sorry. We turned our backs for one minute and he was gone!
Danny: It's OK, girls, I'm sure Bubba is somewhere in the house.
Jesse: All right, guys, we're going to turn this house upside down until we find that turtle. Ready? Go!
Everyone: Bubba! Bubba!

Later in the living room (which is a total mess)
Stephanie: No Bubba?
Jesse: No Bubba.
DJ: Uncle Jesse, me and Steph will buy you another turtle.
Stephanie: You can have all my money - two dollars and fifty eight cents.
The three mums walk in.
Irene: My advice is don't clean any more, just move.
Danny: We'll be right with you, we're having a little family problem here.
Stephanie: We'll look for Bubba for the rest of our lives.
Jesse: That's all right. Bubba's work here was done.

I'm sure he's out in the world saving other lives.
DJ: You mean you're really not mad at us?

Joey: You didn't think we'd get mad over a stinky turtle.
Jesse: Hey, if you had four armpits and you were an inch off the ground, how would you smell?

ampit:わきの下、the part of body under the arm where it joins the shoulder.


Danny: Girls. Girls, I know you feel bad.

But that's because you love your Uncle Jesse and you feel like you let him down.

I know that losing Bubba was an accident.

You've got to understand we're right behind you no matter what you do.

you have got to:~しなさい、have to よりも鼓舞する感じ。

たとえば美味しいクッキーを差し出してYou've got to try this.(これ試してみて、おいしいから、試してみない手はない)といった感じ


Joey: And if you ever have a problem, we'll be there for you.
Jesse: That's right, and if we ever have a problem, we know you guys are going to be there for us, right?

(DJ and Stephanie nod) All right.

Come here you little munchkins. Give us a hug.
They hug Jesse and Joey.
Danny: Next.
The girls hug Danny.
Irene: That is so sweet.
Jesse: All right, enough of this warmth joke.
Claire: Oh, we're going to have a great time living here, right girls?
Mindy: Oh yes. We are.
Danny: Just a minute ladies. We would like another shot at this please.
Joey: Why don't you the girls to the zoo for three hours.
DJ: Yeah!
Stephanie: Yeah!
Jesse: We've got some work to do all right?

Soon, the guys start cleaning while dancing to a song, and finish off by doing the splits.

Joey: I split my pants.
Danny: I can't stand my pants. All right, guys. We made it with five seconds to spare. Everybody up. Let's go. 5.....
Jesse: We're done.
Danny: 4...
Joey: We're cool.
Danny: 3....
Jesse: We're calm.
Danny: 2.....1....
The mothers and the girls walk in.
Claire: We completely lost track of the time.

lose track: 見失う


Irene: Oh, it's immaculate.

immaculate: extremely clean and tidy

Stephanie: Grandma Irene, does this mean hell is freezing over?
Danny: Go on. Find a speck of dirt.

speck of: 微塵の

dirt: ごみ、泥



I double-dare you.


Mums: OK,
The girls put their suveniers from the zoo on thefront step.
Guys: Hey! Whoa! Whoa!
Jesse: Take Granmda's goodies upstairs, and put them in the toybox right now!
DJ: Whoa! And he used to be the easy one!
Irene, Mindy and Claire walk towards the kitcken.
Joey: Hold it! Hold it!

You are about to enter a sterile environment.

sterile: completly clean

He hoovers each one as they walk into the kitchen
Jesse: Don't even think about it! (in the kitchen)

Ma, what about those creases, huh?


Irene: Oh, Jesse, you still have your touch!
Danny: (
to Claire) Perfet. Everything is just perfect.
Joey: Look, mum, you could eat off these dishes.
Claire: Congratulations I am really proud of all of you.
A woman walks in.
Mrs. Sinski: Sorry. Banks' closed. Can you pay in cash.
Joey: Uh, Mum, I'd like you to meet my fiance, Jennifer.
Mindy: Are you going to give me a grandchild?
Mrs. Sinski: Not for this kind of money.
Danny: Here you go Mrs. Sinski. Thanks for everything. See you you next weekend.
The mums nod unapprovingly.


Danny: OK, so we had a little help.
Jesse: Well, just with the hard stuff and the toilets.
Joey: But we make a great team.
Danny: From now on things are going to go a lot smoother around here.
Claire: I'm sure they will. Does that mean you won't need us anymore?
The mothers give "the lip".
Joey: Oo, they're good.
Jesse: Of course we still need you. You girls come by and visit anytime.
Claire: OK, listen. I have to admit, I was a bit worried how you boys were managing the girls, but, well, you may be a little sloppy but those kids are getting a lot of love.


Danny: Thanks Mum.
Joey, Jesse and Danny hug their mums. DJ comes downstairs.
DJ: Aw, this is nice. I wish Bubba was here to sharethis.
Bubba comes in through the back door on a skateboard.
DJ: Bubba!
Stephanie : I found him. I love that amphibian!

*** End***







フルハウスseason1-4 その①




波, サーフ, 海, 水, 自然, スプレー, スプラッシュ, 泡, 運動, 青, ターコイズ, 海景 

Joey:Cereal,cartoons,pajamas.This is why God created Saturday.

DJ: Let's watch MTV.
Stephanie: No, let's watch Bugs Bunny.
Joey: But, Steph, Bugs Bunny is kids' stuff. We've got to watch Yogi Bear.
Stephanie: But I like Bugs Bunny.
Joey: Yeah, but Steph every episode is the same. First Elmer Fudd says (
imitating Elmer Fudd) "Why you pesky wabbit" then he takes a shot at Bugs. Then Yosemite Sam comes in (
imitating Yosemite Sam) "Ooh, I hate that rabbit" Then he takes a shot at Bugs. I mean, with all this shooting going on I don't know why Bugs ever pops his head out of that hole. Let's face it - the rabbit has a death wish.

Stephanie: Better than watching Yogi steal the same picnic basket. Boring.

Danny comes downstairs in a dressing gown

dressing gown:部屋着

Danny: Good morning kids.
Joey + Stephanie + DJ: Hi dad!
Danny: I don't really see you eating cereal out of pots with wooden implements, do I?

wooden implements:木べら

DJ: Yes. You do.
Danny: Great. after breakfast why don't we take this laundry down to the bay and beat it against some rocks?


Joey, could you come with me right now into the kitchen please?
Joey: What, now? I'll miss the start of Yogi!
Danny: It's not Agatha Christie - you'll catch up.

catch up:追いつく


catch up:①追いつく・同じ基準になる、


( following Danny into the kitchen) Girls, take accurate notes!

accurate: ①correct and turue in every detail

                ②able to give completely correct information or to do sth in an exact day

Danny and Joey walk into the kitchen. The dishwasher is crammed with dirty dishes.

crammed: full of things or people

Danny: Whoa! It's Howdy-dirty! Joey, the deal we made was this is your week to take care of the dishes.
Joey: I'm just waiting till the dishwasher's full.
(he puts a dirty spoon in the dishwasher) There, now we won't be wastingwater.
Danny: Of course we won't.

There's no room for water.
Jesse comes up from the basement.
Jesse: Boy, what a night!
Danny: Jess, What's the heck's going on here?

What's the heck is going on here?:what's the hellとかWhat's on earth is going onと同じ



 You told me you were going to take care of the laundry.
Jesse: I did, I did mine.
Danny: What about everybody else's laundry?
Jesse: Looks to me like they haven't touched it.


The lazy bums!


Fellows, let me tell you about this story.


Last night my band was playing this gig in Chinatown, a sweet and sour sixteen party if you will.

Anyway, I'm cruising home on my Harley, I come to a red light, I stop.
Danny: Great story.
Joey: Yeah, you told it great.
Jesse: Fellows, I'm building, I'm building.


Anyway, the light turns green, right?

I try to move.

I cant - there's something wedged under my tyre.

wedge:a piece of wood, rubber, metal, etc, with one thick end and thin pointed end that you use to keep a door open, to keep two things a part, or to split wood or rock 

Just then, this runaway street-cleaner comes barreling through the intersect right where I would have been.

barrel: to move very fast in a particular direction, especially in a way that you cannot control

I came this close to being a really clean dead guy.

Fellows, I'd like to introduce to you the little dude that saved my life...(

he takes a live turtle out of his bag)... Bubba!

I love this amphibian!



Danny: You just hate coming home alone, don't you?
Jesse: I've got to go get my guitar. Here, hold Bubba (
he gives him to Danny)

Keep him happy. It just may save your life.


Jesse runs downstairs to the basement.
DJ : (calling from the living room) Joey, where are you?
Danny: (to Joey) Don't let the girls see him, they're going to want to keep him.
Joey: Hide him. Hide him.
Danny: Where?
Joey: The pot. The pot. Under the pot.
Danny: Good idea.
(they put Bubba under a pot on the kitchen counter.)
Joey: OK, I don't see a turtle.
Danny: Act casual.
Joey: Oh, yeah. Nonchalant.

nonchalant: behabing in a calm and relaxed way
Danny: good word - nonchalant.

木, 自然, 風景, 秋, 風光明媚です, 牧草地, 葉, カラフル


DJ and Stephanie walk into the kitchen.

DJ: Joey, Yogi may be much smarter than the average bear but he's much dumber than the average three-year-old.

dumber: stupid, unable to speak

The pot on the counter moves a few inches.
Stephanie: What's that?
Danny: That? Oh, it's dinner. Roast beef. Yeah, roast beef.
The pot moves some more.
DJ: and where is our roast beef going?
Joey: It's going to the oven.
DJ lifts the pot. Jesse comes upstairs from the basement.
Stephanie: Roast beef comes from turtles?
Jesse: Not my turtle, it doesn't.

I love this amphibian.
Stephanie: I love him, too.

Can we keep him?
Jesse: Of course we can keep him.

Bubba's a hero!
DJ: Uncle Jesse, we'll take care of him for you.
Jesse: All right.
Danny: Are you sure, honey? It's a big responsibility.
DJ: No problem.
Jesse: (staring Bubba in the face) Let's go get Bubba settled.

He looks a little pasty.

pasty; ねばねばする


Jesse and DJ run upstairs.
Stephanie: what a great day, we get a turtle and Grandma's coming to visit.
Danny: Stephanie.

Sweetheart, honey, baby.

Did you just say Grandma's coming?
Stephanie: That's what she said on the phone.
Danny: Well, why didn't you say something?
Stephanie: Nobody asked me.
Danny: Steph, it's not possible for me to ask you every question.

Do you know how many questions there are in the world?
Stephanie: (thinking for a second) eight!
Danny: what time is Grandma coming, honey?
Joey: The plane gets in at 5:12, Sugar-hips!

sugar-hips: 子どもへの愛情表現に使われる愛称。



Danny: Sweetheart, go upstairs and play with Bubba.

(to Joey) Joey, how did you know about my mother?
Joey: I answered the phone when she called.
Danny: Well, why didn't you say something?
Joey: Nobody asked me.

Jesse comes downstairs.
Jesse: I found a home for Bubba.

It's calm, cool, comfortable.

Nobody flush, OK?


I'll shred him lunch, and swat him dessert (he holds up a fly-swatter)

shred:to cut or tear sth into small pieces


Danny: Jesse, forget about the turtle.

My mum's on her way.
Jesse: She's coming back already?

She just moved out ofhere!
Danny: I know that, but she's coming to check up on me.

She doesn't think I can handle things.
Jesse: What? The place looks great!
Danny: You don't understand - all my life I've had someone to take care of me.

First it was my mum, then I got married it was Pam, for the first time I want to prove to my mum and myself that I can take care of my family on my own, by myself.

Just me.

That's why I desperately need your help.
Jesse: What do you want us to do?
Joey: Yeah.
Danny: Jesse, take another shot at the laundry.
Jesse: All right.
Danny: Joey, see if you can wedge some cleaning detergent into the dishwasher.


cleaning detergent:洗剤

I'm going to mop the floor.
Jesse: Bad news, Danno. We're out of detergent.
Joey: We're ditto on the dish soap.

ditto: used insted of a particular word or phrase, to avoid repeating it.

Danny: And we're out of floor wax. Let's go shopping.
Jesse: Whoa! You're in your pyjamas!
Danny: Oh, I know.

I just woke up. (He suddenly realises what Jesse meant)

Oh! I get it!

I've got to go put some clothes on. Gee, I wish you could wear pyjamas at the market. (he runs upstairs.
Joey: He may need his mother.


Soon, in the living room...
Danny: DJ, let's go. Stephanie, hurry up.

Grandma's going to be in tee minus seven hours in counting.

tee minus;予定時刻
Joey: Can't we wait till Yogi's over?
Danny: Tape it.
Joey: Of course I'm going to tape it, I tape all of them.

It's just that Yogi is so much better live.
Jesse: (coming in from the kitchen)

All right, we need Turtle Chow, Leaf-eat-Green, there's no such thing as Fly-helper, is there?

chow: food
DJ: (coming downstairs) I got baby diapers, baby wipes, extra baby clothes and the baby's backpack.
Danny: Great.
Stephanie: Here's baby apple juice and baby biter biscuits.
Danny: Wonderful.
Jesse: Hey, the baby loves music, think we should bring along the organ?
Danny: I got it covered.

I'm bringing her crib-blaster.

OK, troops.


Move out!
Stephanie: don't forget Mr. Pandy.
Danny: Oh, that's right, honey, Michelle won't go anywhere without Mr. Pandy. Let's go.

Everybody move it. (Danny closes the door then comes back in again and picks up Michelle)

I am so sorry.

You won't remember this, will you? (He closes the door again, then opens it again.)

How many times do I have to tell you - make a tinkle before you leave the house!